Math games

Today we are making maths games for the pre primary. So I started with making a draft and me, Christian, and Callum made a draft and we show it together one by one and we decide which one to make. We decided to make !!!Money!!!man!!!. We used card and text-a to make the game and I’ll just send a picture of the game.

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Family tree

Hello I’m going to talk about my family tree. I am born in Western Australia and my parents were originally from Singapore. My grandparents are also from Singapore. They stayed in a same village many years ago. In the village, they planted lots of coconut trees, they also rear ducks and chickens. When the ducks and chickens are big enough, they sell the ducks and chickens in the market for money. My grandfather favourite activities were to climb trees and get fruit from the trees and catch fish in the river’s

When my grandparents were married they stayed in a one bedroom house. My grandparents love dancing at the club once a month. My grandfather used to work as a chef, a bartender and a ship worker. Now he is retired, my grandparents sometimes come over to stay with us when they have time.

My dad is the only child in his family. My dad were catching spiders and lady bug when he was young. He kept them in a matchbox. He loved playing football, he plays as a midfielder. I love training my football skills with him.

My mum has two sisters and a brother. I have 3 older cousins and one younger cousins. I have sleepovers with my cousins on my trip back in Singapore.

They all speak Chinese and English to communicate with each other and me and my sister. And I and my dad can speak a little bit of Indonesian.

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School sports carnival

I had my school carnival last week on Thursday. The first thing we did from 8:40am to 10:40am was rotations. Rotations is when you are in a group and do something for about 10minutes to 1hour. We did chicken relay where you have a toy chicken in your hand and  run around 4 poles behind the last player. Tug of war:this is a game most people know but I will explain how to play. Exactly you have a rope and you pull the rope more to your side to win. Hurdles: a game where you jump over bars like a dog. Flag race: in front of you would be 3 tins and you either take out the flag or put the flag into the tins. In Leader ball there is a leader who throws you the ball for you to catch the ball and you put the ball on the ground and run around the last player and run around the leader and go back where you got the ball and throw it back to the leader.

The next thing is sprinting. I ran my hardest and came 3rd in sprinting because there is only 4 people in my division. After we had lunch, it was the school’s favourite thing, the relay where parents, staff and school captains do a relay in teams. After the relay there was an announcement of the faction shield and I can’t tell you which faction won the shield but it wasn’t my faction. If anyone has any questions please comment on the post so I can reply.

Amazing School week

We’ve been doing amazing stuff this week while the faction carnival is starting to start and the time comes closer and closer. The faction carnival is in 8 days and we’re getting ready for the time to come. The faction carnival is on the 17th on this month.
We’ve been also doing science with by looking about living things. We’ve found why we sweat, don’t fly and why we stand on 2 feet.
For music, there’s a concert were I might be nominated to be a singer. We’ve been learning how to play the ukulele, keyboard and drums for the concert.
For art we’re doing emojis for open learning to show our parents what we learned and what we did from the beginning of school our parents will get to see. We are coming up to dodge ball in sport so we are practicing for the dodge ball competition. That’s all I have for this post and if you like this blog please like.

FIFA football video games

The Fifa 21 game is a good game with Volta football ultimate team. It’s just like FIFA 23 but with different cards and ratings. In Volta,  I have Ronaldo Nazario and Peter Schmeichel in my team. We had games where we lost badly but we also won games with big scores of 5-0 . Over time, the team received good upgrades to improve the squad.

The new EA sports FC 24 game is very expensive which I prefer not to get. Even it is a new game which costs $100+. Perhaps it is more worthwhile to wait for the price to drop before getting EA sports FC 24. This game comes with teams from the premier league, Laliga and so much more. In previous version of FiFA video games, there were some mistakes where EA accidentally forgot to edit out like Juventus Brazilian Timo Werner and for squad building challenges, in exchange for two special card players you usually need 22 silver or gold players to swap. However, due to the mistake, you can do it with 22 bronze players. I had an all English ultimate team but i was allowed Sergio Aguero and Olivier Giroud on my team who were non- English players.

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Story Starters

Today we’re doing story starters. We did it for spelling and writing. we only have 3 So here are the story starters.

“This is so messy like your hair,” said Ali.

“we need a key to open the safe,” said Lexi.

Rodri has won Manchester city the champions league.

Story starters also have to be really good so when people start to read it they don’t back out.


Yesterday I was at my best friend’s birthday party which was a football party. I was playing at striker then changed to defensive midfielder. I played at midfield because I made chances to score. I kept getting injured because the opposing team kept tackling me. I was playing on the same team with my friend who was in the same class as me last year and we’re good friends in school. The match ended in a penalty shootout and we won 4-2. There were donuts and pizzas but I don’t like donuts so I just ate the pizza. So we’re just saying goodbye to everyone until it was just me and 2 of my friends. We had a good chat before we went home because we’re no longer in the same school. I look forward to we them again next time. If you like my post, please leave a comment and follow my blog.

Football practice

It started in the stadium where I started practicing football. The match started with my team scoring the first goal. We were substituted after scoring no goals in the last 2 minutes of the match. We were back in the game and we conceded a goal.I usually play center back but, I played at attack for the first time and I nearly scored my first goal for the club. I was also on the same team with my friend R. The game ended 3-1 win where I celebrated the win and went home.

Story starters

During this long semester, we have learned about a lot of interesting things, one thing being story starters. For example not ending a sentence in “ing “. The story has to have 1 word to make the story make sense so people don’t get confused what the story is telling them. For example: The ball kept rolling and rolling and rolling and it always will!